Monday, November 08, 2010

Sweet Corn Sherbet



食谱源自Table for 2 or more

Sweet Corn Sherbet Recipe

250ml evaporated milk
500ml water
250gm creamed corn (我放300gm)
100gm sugar

1. Cook everything together until it comes to a boil.

2. Leave to cool. (you can just mix everything together, but I'd rather bring it a boil first)

3. Put in a freezer proof bowl and put in freezer.

4. Let it freeze until it is the outer ring is frozen, take it out and whizz with a hand held mixer to break up the ice.

5. Repeat process another hour later. (itmakes the ice crystals more friendly to the blender later)

6. When everything seems half frozen, whizz it with an immersion blender or break it up into a regular blender and whizz til fine.

7. Pack into freezable containers and keep frozen.


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